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Has Domestic Violence Increased During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

 Posted on November 03, 2020 in Criminal Defense

NYC domestic violence defense lawyerSince March 2020, stay-at-home orders in New York and throughout the United States and the rest of the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic have meant that many families are spending more time in close proximity to each other than ever before. Unfortunately, many experts report that along with this increased togetherness has come an increase in reported cases of domestic violence. If you have been accused of domestic abuse during this difficult time, you need an attorney who can help you understand and protect your rights.

Why Are COVID-19 and Domestic Violence Connected?

Domestic violence is a widespread problem even under normal circumstances, with the Centers for Disease Control reporting that 1 in 4 women, 1 in 10 men, and 1 in 7 children have been victims at some point in their lives. Stay-at-home orders and other aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic have exacerbated many of the factors that often lead to domestic violence, including economic anxiety related to unemployment, as well as stress, depression, and other mental health challenges. Those who experience abuse may also have fewer safe places to escape to during the pandemic, and some experts suggest that domestic violence is even more widespread than we know, as victims may struggle to find a way to seek help without their abusers interfering.

Defense Against Domestic Abuse Charges in New York

Domestic violence is certainly a problem during this time, but even as reports increase, it is important to note that not all alleged abusers are guilty of the accusations they face. If you have been charged with harassment, assault, or other crimes related to domestic violence, an experienced criminal defense attorney can work to ensure your fair treatment in court and the New York criminal justice system. Depending on the situation, we can help you build a defense based on an argument that the allegations against you lack sufficient evidence, or that you were acting in self-defense.

Orders of protection can be especially challenging to deal with during the pandemic, as they may require you to stay away from your home while they are in effect. If you are the subject of an order of protection, we may be able to help you find a safe place to stay, and we can advise you to help you avoid further charges for violating an order.

Contact a New York City Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

At a time that is already stressful for everyone, facing criminal charges for domestic violence can be especially difficult. At The Law Firm of Gregory J. Watford, Esq. PLLC, we are committed to protecting the rights, health, and safety of the accused during this time, and we will do everything in our power to help you avoid unnecessary hardship. Contact an experienced New York criminal defense lawyer today at 646-580-6675.



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