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If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges for stalking or harassment in the state of New York, you need to have an attorney on your side who is willing to fight on your behalf. Such offenses are taken very seriously by courts and prosecutors throughout the state, and being convicted could result in you spending time in prison, not to mention expensive fines and other negative effects on your life. Fortunately, our firm is ready, willing, and equipped to help you.

At The Law Firm of Gregory J. Watford, Esq., PLLC, we are fully aware that alleged harassers and stalkers are often presumed to be guilty simply because they were arrested and charged. We know that this is not how our criminal justice system is meant to work, and we will do everything possible to help you protect your rights and your best interests. No matter how serious the charges against you may be, we will do our very best to help you avoid a conviction.

Westchester County Stalking and Harassment Lawyers

The terms "harassment" and "stalking" are commonly used in conjunction with one another, but they each represent separate criminal offenses under New York State law. While the offenses share some similarities, they are different in important ways. Generally, stalking is considered to be a more serious offense than harassment is, but both carry severe criminal consequences.

According to Sections 240.21 through 240.32 of the New York Penal Law, harassment occurs when an individual intentionally engages in behavior that causes annoyance, alarm, or reasonable fear of injury in another person. Such behavior could include following a person in public, attempting to strike another person, or making unwanted phone calls to another person. Harassment is most often a misdemeanor offense, but there are circumstances that could make the offense a felony. It is important to note that harassment charges are possible based on a single alleged instance.

The New York Penal Law addresses stalking and aggravated stalking in Sections 120.45 through 120.60. Stalking refers to an intentional pattern of behavior through which the perpetrator intentionally places another person in reasonable fear of material or mental harm. If the behavior places another person in fear of serious bodily injury or multiple people are placed in fear of harm, charges for stalking may be elevated. Stalking behaviors may include phone calls, unwanted contact or presence, threatening letters, and more. The most basic form of stalking is a Class B misdemeanor, and the charges could be handled as felonies in certain situations.

Defending Against Charges of Stalking and Harassment in Bronx County

Attorney Gregory J. Watford is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer with more than 25 years of legal experience and an additional 10 years in law enforcement. Having worked previously as a confidential investigator and a prosecutor, he understands the techniques and strategies that law enforcement and district attorneys will use to secure convictions in cases involving harassment and stalking. He also understands how to examine evidence and analyze the facts in order to help you build a strong defense.

Most such cases hinge on the prosecutor's ability to prove not only the alleged actions but also the intent to cause alarm, annoyance, or fear. With this in mind, we can help you defend against charges of stalking and harassment. Depending on the circumstances, we may be able to demonstrate that you did not act with intent to cause any type of distress. We might also be able to show that the alleged victim was the one making repeated contact with you. Our team will work closely with you to help you understand the nature and scope of the charges against you and to determine the best course of action for building a strong defense.

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