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Weapons Charges Case Results

New York City Weapons Defense Attorney: Successful Case Outcomes

People v. MT

U.S. Park Police officer charged with weapons possession and menacing for allegedly displaying and threatening to harm his problematic teenage son. Found not guilty after trial.

People v. TN

Client arrested for felony weapons possession charges and menacing charges for allegedly threatening several individuals/complainants after they broke into his apartment and attempted to illegally evict him while he was away at work. The arresting officers searched the client and the apartment and failed to recover any firearm. However, a firearm was recovered from the trash compactor room in the hallway of the building which the complainants identified as the weapon the client allegedly possessed. Mr. Watford demanded a DNA analysis of the weapon which did not contain any DNA that matched the client’s DNA. On the morning of trial, all charges were dismissed.

People v. PB

Felony gun possession charges dismissed, where during prosecution of the case, it was discovered that the arresting detective's credibility was questionable. The gun was recovered in a car with 4 occupants and never processed for fingerprints or DNA evidence. During the prosecution it was also discovered that the arresting detective had several allegations and lawsuits filed against him for false arrest and fabricating evidence. Consequently, the DA never produced the arresting detective to testify at the pre-trial suppression hearing which ultimately violated the client's right to a speedy trial.

People v. TW

Client, an Air Force Veteran who resided in Virginia, was charged with illegally possessing five (5) firearms in NYC and was believed to be a firearms trafficker from Virginia. The District Attorney’s Office was originally seeking ten (10) years prison. Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate that all of the firearms were legally purchased by the client while he was an active member of the service. Mr. Watford filed a motion to dismiss in the interest of justice, all weapons charges which required mandatory prison time, due to the unique circumstances related to the client transporting the weapons with him during his visit to NYC. The judge granted the motion and dismissed all felony weapons charges.

People v. CW

Client was charged with felony gun possession and facing a potential mandatory prison sentence of 16 years to life. At the suppression hearing, Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate that the arresting officers illegally seized the client without reasonable suspicion when the officer grabbed the client who refused to allow the police to enter the house after he answered the door. The officers subsequently kicked in the door and illegally pursued the client who allegedly threw an unidentifiable object which the police said was a firearm. After the hearing, the judge reviewed the memorandum of law submitted by Mr. Watford and granted the suppression motion.

People v. GW

A NYC Correction Officer was charged with misdemeanor weapons possession for allegedly shooting a BB gun which shattered the window of the complainant’s car. At the suppression hearing Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate that the arresting officer’s search of the client’s car was illegal. The arresting officer admitted during the hearing that he searched he client’s vehicle minutes prior to the complainant arriving at the scene and identifying him as the perpetrator. The judge suppressed the BB gun and the all charges were dismissed.

People v. CS

Client arrested for allegedly possessing a gravity knife. Mr. Watford demanded inspection of the knife because it was a knife that was available for purchase at Home Depot. During the inspection of the knife while at the District Attorney’s Officer, Mr. Watford requested that the arresting officer demonstrate how the knife opened via gravity. After the arresting officer was unable to open the knife via gravity, in the presence of the prosecuting attorney assigned to the case, Mr. Watford was able to convince the District Attorney’s Officer to dismiss all charges.

Mitigation Memorandums

Mr. Watford has represented numerous clients who have been arrested for possessing loaded firearms and charged with felony weapons possession which, in most cases, requires a mandatory prison sentence. Based upon an investigation of the client’s background and character history, Mr. Watford has a proven track record of preparing mitigation memorandums which detail the unique circumstances surrounding the client’s arrest for weapons possession. The mitigation packages are then submitted to the District Attorneys and Judges and Mr. Watford has conferences with the judges and Supervising District Attorneys. Mr. Watford has been able to successfully resolve numerous cases with non-jail dispositions using this method.

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