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Navigating Disciplinary Matters for Civil Service Employees in New York

 Posted on June 25, 2024 in Civil Service Employment and Job Defense

NYC Disciplinary Charges LawyerFor civil service employees in New York, maintaining high standards of conduct is essential both during working hours and outside the workplace. When these standards are breached, it can result in disciplinary actions that jeopardize an employee’s career. If you are a civil service employee facing disciplinary action, contact a lawyer for legal assistance.

Misconduct in the Workplace

In the realm of civil service, misconduct covers a broad spectrum of behaviors that violate established policies and undermine professional integrity. This can include:

  • Insubordination – Failing to obey reasonable orders from superiors can lead to serious consequences.

  • Absenteeism and tardiness – Chronic absenteeism or frequent lateness disrupts workplace efficiency and can be grounds for disciplinary action.

  • Policy actions – Breaching specific workplace rules, whether they pertain to safety practices, ethical guidelines, or procedural mandates, can be considered acts of misconduct.

  • Inappropriate interactions – Any form of harassment, discrimination, or unprofessional interactions with colleagues or the public can severely impact an employee’s standing.

These offenses can result in a range of disciplinary measures, from written warnings to suspension or even termination. Your lawyer will examine the circumstances surrounding the alleged misconduct in order to provide you with a strong defense.

Incompetence Can Lead to Disciplinary Action

Incompetence, another ground for disciplinary action, focuses on the inability of an employee to meet the performance standards of his or her role. Indicators of incompetence might include:

  • Substandard performance – Consistently failing to achieve work targets or produce quality work.

  • Lack of skills or knowledge – Demonstrating insufficient knowledge or skills necessary to perform job duties effectively despite training and guidance.

  • Negligence – Carelessness or disregard for job responsibilities that leads to mistakes or inefficiencies.

Building a defense around allegations of incompetence often involves presenting evidence of the employee’s efforts to improve, any support they have received, or external factors that may have impacted their performance.

Off-Duty Conduct Can Result in Disciplinary Action

Civil service employees in New York are also scrutinized for behavior outside of work. Off-duty conduct can be particularly contentious, especially when it involves criminal charges. Important considerations include:

  • Criminal charges – Being arrested or convicted for a crime outside of work can negatively affect an employee’s ability to perform their job, especially in roles that require high trust and integrity.

  • Public conduct – Engaging in activities that could discredit or negatively impact the reputation of wherever the employee works could also lead to disciplinary actions.

In these cases, a thorough understanding of the legal aspects of off-duty behavior and its potential impact on the employee’s role is essential for mounting an effective defense.

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