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Theft, Robbery, and Mistaken Identity Case Results

Manhattan Theft Defense Attorney: Successful Case Outcomes

People v. KG

Client was charged in Brooklyn with robbery after the group of individuals who committed the robbery ran from the scene. The client credibly testified in the Grand Jury that minutes earlier he had just returned home from work and walked to the store to purchase take out food for dinner. As the client was walking from home and in the direction of the restaurant, the perpetrators and the complainant ran towards client. The Grand Jury believed the client’s testimony that when the complainant stopped him and accused him of being with the perpetrators, he was walking towards the complainant while the perpetrators were running away from the complainant. The client was the first person that complainant saw and stopped. All charges dismissed by the Grand Jury based upon mistaken identity.

People v. SH

Client accused of robbing and threatening the complainant with a razor blade in the Bronx. Client was identified by the complainant in a photo array and line up. The client testified in the Grand Jury that it was a case of mistaken identity and that he had an alibi. Mr. Watford was able to have the client’s mother and girlfriend testify as alibi witnesses in the Grand Jury that the client was his mother’s home with his girlfriend at the time of the robbery which occurred at 6:00 a.m. at allocation several miles away from the mother’s home. The Grand Jury dismissed all charges.

People v. CG

Client along with four (4) co-defendants were accused of robbing the complainant of her purse in Midtown Manhattan. The client and the co-defendants were approached and stopped by the arresting officers and immediately identified by the complainant on the street. During the pre-indictment investigation stage of the case, Mr. Watford was able to convince the District Attorney’s Office that the complainant was mistaken when she identified the client and his four friends as the alleged 5 perpetrators. After the District Attorney’s Office conducted their investigation, all charges were dismissed without the case being presented to the Grand Jury.

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