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Domestic Violence Case Results

Manhattan Domestic Violence Defense Attorney: Successful Case Outcomes

The following are a few of the Domestic Violence cases successfully handled by our firm:

People v. ES

Client was arrested for allegedly calling and threatening his ex-girlfriend over the phone. After obtaining and reviewing the telephone records of the parties involved, Mr. Watford was able to prove that the client never called the complainant as alleged. Mr. Watford was able to convince the District Attorney’s Office to dismiss all charges. In a rare turn of events, the ex-girlfriend was arrested and charged with several felony offenses after she admitted to the Assistant District Attorney assigned to the case that she fabricated the allegations.

People v. DW

Client found not guilty after trial of domestic assault. Mr. Watford was able to prove that the client was justified using force to prevent his ex-wife from forcibly entering his house without permission or authority from the client.

People v. GS

Charged in Criminal Court with violating Family Order of Protection by calling the complainant solely for the purpose of obtaining work uniforms. Mr. Watford obtained and produced various court records demonstrating that the client was granted access to the residence by the Family Court judge for the purpose of retrieving his property on three (3) occasions prior to his arrest. Upon presenting the documents to the District Attorneys Office they agreed to dismiss the charges.

People v. MJ

Client charged with assaulting his brother-in-law who was upset over client’s prior domestic violence incidents with complainant’s sister. The arresting officers and DA office refused to believe that client was defending himself after being ambushed by the complainant. Mr. Watford visited the crime scene with the client and obtained video surveillance recordings which proved, that unbeknownst to the client, the complainant was hiding, waited for the client and initiated the fight. After submitting the video to the prosecutor all charges were dismissed.

People v. VP

Client was a victim of domestic assault, however, the perpetrator/complainant falsely reported that client assaulted him. At the client's arraignment, Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate, via photos of the client's injuries, that she was in fact a victim of domestic violence. The arraignment judge released the client ROR and refused to issue an order of protection against her. Mr. Watford provided the District Attorney's Office with the photos and witnesses which led to all of the charges subsequently being dismissed. 

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