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Assault Defense Case Results

New York City Assault Defense Attorney: Successful Case Outcomes

People v. SP

Client was charged with Attempted Gang Assault in the First Degree. Four months later, during an adjournment period, the District Attorney attempted to reduce the charges off calendar to misdemeanor assault and other related charges. At the appropriate time, Mr. Watford successfully filed a motion to dismiss on the grounds that the client's speedy trial rights were violated when the District Attorney's office failed to comply with Criminal Procedure Law when they did not follow the proper procedure for reducing a felony to a misdemeanor off calendar.

People v. NL

Client charged with stabbing an individual with knife outside of the apartment building where he lived with his brother. Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate that his client came to the aid of his brother who was being assaulted by several individuals who initially assaulted the brother at a different location and then followed the client’s brother to his building and continued the assault. Mr. Watford was able to obtain video surveillance recordings from the location where the assault on the client’s brother originally began which showed the client’s brother getting assaulted and fleeing from the location. Mr. Watford provided the video to the District Attorney’s Office which led to the charges being dismissed against client without the case being presented to the Grand Jury.

Assault refers to the intentional or reckless threatening of a person to another and is considered a criminal offense. Anyone facing an assault charge can get help and guidance from an assault defense lawyer in New York, NY.

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