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Drug Case Results

New York City Drug Crimes Defense Attorney: Successful Case Outcomes

People v. SD

Drugs and weapons charges dismissed against client after it was demonstrated that the arresting officers illegally entered the home of the client and conducted a search of the residence which resulted in the recovery of the items. The officers were seeking to arrest the client's boyfriend on a traffic violation warrant. Prior to the case being presented to the Grand Jury, Mr. Watford was able to convince the prosecutor that the outstanding warrant needed to be a felony warrant in order to permit the police to forcibly enter the residence of a third party and that there were no exigent circumstances that justified the entry or search of the premises.

People v. TN

All drug charges dismissed against client who was arrested while employed at an IVY League University after he signed for a package containing a large amount of marijuana while working at the dormitory. The delivery of the package was a controlled delivery orchestrated by law enforcement officers. Mr. Watford was able to demonstrate that it was common practice for the client to sign for packages for residents. Prior to presenting the case to the Grand Jury, Mr. Watford convinced the District Attorney's Office that they would have difficulty proving that his client knew that the package that he signed for, which was addressed to a student/resident, contained the illegal drugs.

People v. AE

All charges drug dismissed against client who was arrested in a friend's apartment and charged with A-1 felony drug possession. At the arraignment, Mr. Watford was able to convince the judge to release the client on her own recognizance (ROR). Mr. Watford was also able to convince the District Attorney's Office to dismiss the charges due to the fact that the client was merely visiting the apartment for the first time and had no knowledge whatsoever that drugs were stashed throughout the apartment.

Diversion from Criminal Prosecution

Mr. Watford has also been successful in having numerous felony drug cases, where the client was charged with possession of controlled substance with intent to sell, diverted to drug treatment court which ultimately resulted in the felony charges being dismissed upon completion of drug treatment.

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